About Espresso Coffee

By Ten Leu Jaw

Espresso is a kind of coffee brew with a golden layer of cream foam (crema) as topping. Using specialized espresso machine, the coffee is brewed using very hot water under high pressure, and usually served immediately.

Brewing Espresso Generally, a single shot (about 7 to 10 grams) or double shots of finely ground coffee are compressed with approximately 150N of force into a densely packed puck of coffee. Pressurized water (of approximately 7-9 bars; air pressure is one bar) with a temperature of about 90°C is then forced through the puck of coffee. This process takes about 18-27 seconds; timing begins when coffee starts to flow from the machine.

Espresso Machine Different designs of the machines have sprung up since the invention. Commercially, the automatic espresso machine has replaced the steam driven, piston driven, or pump driven types of machines. There are generally three types of automatic machines: Semi-automatic: A pump is manually switched on and off to deliver hot water. Automatic: A flowmeter is added. When the preset amount of water has flowed through the flowmeter, the pump automatically switches off. Super-automatic: Grinding, tamping and extracting are all done by the machine. The coffee beans just need to be filled into the bean hopper and the rest is accomplished by a button push.

Variations of Espresso There are different variations of espresso and below are some Espresso most cafes serve: Espresso - Extraction of coffee Macchiato - Espresso with dollop of foam milk Affogato - Espresso with ice-cream Cafe Latte - Espresso with silken milk Cafe Cappuccino - Espresso with foam milk Cafe Mocha - Espresso with chocolate & silken milk Flat White - Half espresso & half milk Long Black - Long extraction of Espresso

Next time, you go to a cafe for a cup of coffee, it will be interesting to try out different type of Espresso. Do ask the barista about more information about espresso and that will make your coffee tasting more fun!

Ten, writer for brew1819, a cafe situated at one corner of 8 Shenton Way, Singapore.

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