Gourmet Coffee Recipes

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You'll satisfy your craving without going over your calorie limit.

If you aren't counting calories, but love the idea of coffee and chocolate after dinner, you should also try the decadent recipe below:If your relative or friend is a morning person who loves breakfast, a breakfast coffee gift basket is a great idea. If so, you will probably want a breakfast blend or other coffee that the person would want to drink at breakfast. Know if the gift recipient prefers whole beans, ground beans or K-Cup coffee


* 3-1/2 oz. best-quality milk chocolate, very finely chopped
* Few grains of salt
* 1/4-cup heavy cream
* 1-cup water
* 2 tsp. instant coffee

* Optional garnish of lightly sweetened whipped cream
* Shaved or grated milk chocolate


In small microwaveable bowl, combine finely chopped milk chocolate and salt. Microwave at 50 percent (medium) power for thirty-second intervals, stirring well after each, just until chocolate is almost melted, then stir until completely melted and smooth. On high power, heat heavy cream until it is very hot. All at once, add hot cream to melted chocolate. Stir or whisk briskly until smooth (if you absolutely cannot get this mixture smooth, process at high speed in a food processor fitted with steel blade just until smooth).In two-cup liquid measure, heat water on high power until very hot. Add instant coffee to hot water and stir in well. Gradually add about half of hot coffee to milk chocolate mixture, stirring or whisking well after each addition. Add this mixture back to the remaining hot coffee in the two-cup liquid measure.

If necessary, heat beverage in two cup liquid measure at 50 percent (medium) power until steaming hot. Divide between two mugs (8 ounces each). If desired, garnish as suggested above. Serve immediately.Next, hit the supermarket, gourmet food store or Internet to fill the basket. You can choose a mix for pancakes, scones or waffles - if the person has a waffle maker. How about some gourmet maple syrup? Good maple syrup makes a plate of pancakes or waffles even better.

If you want a socially responsible gift, choose organic coffee and an organic foods store or section.

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