Gourmet Flavored Coffee - The Matchless Joy of Gourmet Flavored Coffee

By Lindsy Emery

I love gourmet flavored coffee. To tell you the truth, I am a sucker for anything about coffee. I can't say no to coffee candy, gifts, mugs, or accessories. If it complements my drinking or somehow enhances my drinking experience, you can bet that I would like it. Maybe I already have it at home-you never know.

If you're like me and you just love coffee and all its trappings, you have to go gourmet. Gourmet is great because there are so many textures and rich flavors to pick from. I could talk about them all day long if you let me. Let's discuss gourmet flavored options.

At first glance you might not think there would be a lot of variety in this type of coffee. But nothing could be further from the truth. Take my preferred online store, which carries the following list of 19 flavors: almond, amaretto, butter cream, butter rum, butter scotch cream, cherry bomb, cherry cobbler, chocolate almond, chocolate cherry, chocolate, chocolate Irish cream, chocolate marshmallow, chocolate mint, chocolate raspberry, cinnamon hazelnut, orange, pumpkin spice, vanilla almond, and vanilla nut. Wow! Talk about variety.

Rich, delicious gourmet lovers know just how to combine flavors with exactly the right precision to create a flavorful masterpiece to savor. Take one of my favorites, which begins with a foundation of Colombian Supremo beans that are hand picked, then mixed with pure flavoring and no extra sugars or synthetic additives. Once you try flavored coffees, you're sure to get hooked. Depending on the day and on my mood, I enjoy mine without all the extras or I go for something with added flavor. It all depends. Remember that no matter what kind of coffee you drink, it tastes better with the proper methods for preparation.

Regularly clean out your press or coffee maker. Any residue from a previous batch, especially if it was a flavored variety, can throw off the taste of the next batch. I like to clean off my coffee press immediately after making it to keep things clean. Does that sound obsessive-compulsive to you? Maybe, but all I know is that seeing a dirty, stained, brown coffeepot at a diner makes me never want to drink coffee there-ever! It's also important to use cold, filtered water that is pure and flavorless to create the best flavor. And use gourmet flavored coffee beans to grind your own for an awesome aroma and taste like you've never experienced before.

If you're interested in reading more about gourmet flavored coffee, visit my simple coffee resource and guide: http://coffee-bean-direct.info

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