Sumatra Coffee - A Bean That Packs a Punch

By Neil T Jones

Coffee is an important part of the Sumatran culture and the region is famous for producing some of the most unique and complex coffees in the world. In general Sumatra coffee tends not to be sold by region like many other countries but instead guidelines are used, and these guidelines are based around the picking preparation and processing of the beans. There are a number of different brand available, beans that are grown in the Sumatran west is usually known as "Gayo Mountain" and this coffee tends to be sweeter than many of the other varieties, but easily the most common and well loved of Sumatran coffee is Manheling. This coffee is produced just inland from the south coast and has taken its name from Indonesian people that were once responsible for the production of that coffee.

Sumatran Mandheling coffee is well regarded as the finest coffee produced in Sumatra and there are number of factors that have contributed to this, the plants are grown in vastly rich volcanic soil which are situated on the slopes of extinct volcanoes. These high slopes, the rich soil and the warm climate all contribute to make Mandheling coffee a truly unique brew with a distinct flavour. When you are searching for a Sumatran coffee try and find green coffee beans if possible as this will allow you to roast your own giving you the freshest cup you'll ever had.

There are many unique characteristics that help to make Mandheling coffee one of the finest in the world. Some may say even unorthodox. The beans are often dried using moisture-interrupted stages, which leads the beans to develop many complex and unusually flavours, many experts cite these traits as being similar to fermented fruit and even hints of must and mildew.

Please do not be deceived or put off by this, these are the factors that make Sumatran coffee so unique and because of this combination of flavours that are already pleasant in the green beans themselves, when roasted the flavours are developed fully and this leads to one of the richest smoothest and complex coffees that is available anywhere today.

The acidity is barely noticeable and the body can be so heavy it is almost syrupy Mandheling coffee is an experience of pure Indonesian luxury - the finest concentrated flavours and most complex tastes. It is highly sought after all over the world - and rightly so!

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