Sweet Type of Coffee Recipes For You

By Susan S Smith

Hardly you can find sweet type of coffee recipes. I have tried very hard myself to look for this type of coffee recipes and hope you like it too. Something that is sweet but not too sweet, it is just nice for those like some have some sweet coffee to free up your free time.

First Coffee Recipe: Cinnamon with Sugar Latte Recipe
Looking for some sweet type of Latte Recipe, this recipes will be specially for you. Hope you like it too.

Enough for 1 person (tall glass)
1) 3 tablespoons of Cinnamon syrup
2) 1 tablespoon of Brown Sugar (This can be vary depending on how sweet you want your latte)
3) 1 shot of organic espresso
4) 0.75 cup of low fat steamed milk
5) 1 small tablespoon of Cinnamon brown sugar powder as garnish

Equipments Needed
Espresso maker and electronic blender

Steps for preparation:
1. First of all, you need an empty blender cup to put all the ingredients except Cinnamon brown sugar which we will be using later.

2. You also can add some ice if you like cold drink. Blend it with low speed for one minute until all evenly mixed.

3. When done, take an empty tall glass and pout your latter into the tall glass.

4. Lastly, spread the brown sugar powder on top of the latte as garnish.

5. You can enjoy your cup of latte now.

Second Coffee Recipe: Classical Honey Better Latte Recipe
Something sweet and yet safe to drink latte recipe. My recommendation to you as I have tried this coffee and I do like it very much.

Enough for 1 person (just nice for one tall glass)
1) 2 tablespoons of honey butter
2) 1 shot of organic espresso
3) 0.75 cup of low fat steamed milk
4) 3 to 5 ice cubes

Equipments Needed
Espresso maker and electronic blender

Steps for preparation:
1. Put your ingredients into your blender cup and blend it for 50 to 60 seconds.

2. When done, take an empty glass and pour your blended latte into the tall glass.

3. Lastly, you can enjoy your latte now.

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I love coffee and I like making it as my stress reliever. Helps me a lot!
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