Which is your Favourite Coffee Drink, Cappuccino, Mocha or any other?

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Do you often get confused when you walk into a coffee bar or shop? Is it difficult to decide which coffee you want to buy? If yes, let's make all this easy for you! I am sure that after reading you will be able to tell when any one asks you about your favourite coffee drink. First of all, let's take a look at the figure below, it illustrates about the famous coffee flavours available out there:
Now let's discuss all these coffee types and flavours in details so that you can easily make your favourite coffee drink by using Ne-cap coffee capsules compatible Nespresso machine at your own place. Perhaps you would like to start your very own coffee bar and sell different coffee flavours to your customers. Isn't it a great idea?
  • Espresso:
Espresso is getting immensely popular these days. It is easy to make when you have a Nespresso coffee machine and Refillable Capsules compatible Nespresso. Espresso coffee has two other popular varieties, namely: Espresso Macchiato and Espresso Con Panna. If you buy espresso from coffee bars and restaurants it would be a lot expensive. So it is recommended to brew your own espresso at your own place. You would love it taste.
  • Café Latte:
Café latte is made from espresso and steamed milk.
  • Café Breve:
This form of coffee is basically cappuccino with half and half milk. It is not that easy to make half and half at home, but if you are an expert you can try it out.
  • Cappuccino:
Have you ever tried making cappuccino from Ne-Cap Nespresso refill capsules? If not then give it a try! I am sure you would be mesmerized by it. Its scrumptious taste has made it one of the most favourite coffee drinks all over the world.
  • Café Mocha:
Café Mocha sounds to be from French or Italia but it is is not. This coffee drink is based of Espresso with hot milk. What makes it different from rest of the commonly used coffee drinks is that chocolate or cocoa powder is added in it. Café Mocha is widely used and loved owing to its luscious taste.
  • Americano:
This coffee drink is somewhat similar to Espresso. Seven ounces of hot water is used for making this type of coffee. Mostly restaurants and coffee bars serve this American style coffee in a large cup. Americano is strong variety of coffee but quite weaker than Espresso.
  • Black Coffee:
Black coffee has been very popular in previous centuries. But it is not much in vogue now days as it is high in calorie. People have become fitness and weight conscious and they mostly avoid in taking high calorie diet. Black coffee is made by drip brewing method. It is also known as French style coffee. This is known as black coffee because it is served sans milk. It is good for cold regions and for those who have to stay awake during work. Otherwise, the younger generation does not enjoy its taste.
  • Flat White:
This coffee beverage is of Australian origin. It is made by using Microfoam. Flat White coffee drink is smooth and has a velvety texture.
  • Ice Coffee:
Ice Coffee is favourite coffee drink of many. Especially during summer season, people living in hot regions enjoy drinking ice coffee. It is a refreshing and easy to make. Just mix coffee in water or milk and blend it with cream, sugar and ice-cubes. Before serving you can add a scoop of ice-cream as a topping and sprinkle coffee powder on it. I love Ice Coffee, do you?
Will Coffee Increase your weight?
Many people avoid drinking coffee when they are on a diet. As people have become more diet conscious as they have been in the yester ages. If you want to get rid of your extra pounds and do not want to say no to coffee then drink the coffee drink that is less in calories. Now you must be wondering how you can know about how much calorie a certain coffee drink has. Well, here is a calorie table to give you a slight idea:
Coffee DrinkServing SizeCalories Caffe Latte, non-fat milk 16 fluid ounces 165 Caffe Latte, whole milk 16 fluid ounces 260 Caffe Latte, whole milk 16 fluid ounces 140 Caffe au Lait, non-fat milk 16 fluid ounces 90 Caffe Mocha, whole milk, whip 16 fluid ounces 400 Caffe Mocha, non-fat milk, whip 16 fluid ounces 330 Caffe Mocha, non-fat milk, no whip 16 fluid ounces 220 Coffee, Mocha, white chocolate, non-fat milk, whip 16 fluid ounces 344 Cappuccino, whole milk 16 fluid ounces 150 Cappuccino, non-fat milk 16 fluid ounces 100
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